Super Mario Warp Pipe Mug


Are you an old-school retro gamer?

This retro-styled Super Mario Warp Pipe mug has a nice big handle and an awesome & nostalgic design to it. Depending on what you put in the geeky mug, the warp pipe coffee mug will unfortunately not warp you to another world, but it will bring you to the fascinating state of mind known as nostalgia as you sip your brew.

Super Mario Warp Pipe Coffee Mug - Nintendo mug

The Super Mario Warp Pipe mug is made from ceramic and is finished with extra bright fantastic colors just like in Super Mario World! Amaze your retro-gaming friends & family with this unique mug. Definitely a must-have for any fan of the Mario Franchise! Get yours while supplies last!

Mug Dimensions: 12 x 12 cm